Barnett 18028 RC 150 Crossbow Review

Last Updated on July 14, 2021 by Bruce

Despite the velocity capable of being achieved with this Barnett 18028 RC-150 Crossbow, this crossbow is comparatively quite lightweight. If you decide to purchase your own, you can expect to pay around $200 at today’s list price on Amazon. This comes in a package with QDQ quiver, scope and a pack of 4 arrows, each one 16 inches in length. The stock is manufactured in a particularly lightweight synthetic material which, with its Veloci-Speed wheel and the strength put into your arm, you can expect to shoot bolts from the crossbow up to 260 Fps.

The quad limbs are traditional straight limbs. Part of the design, manufactured in a magnesium color, is a Red Dot Scope, with a lightweight stock. If you are particularly new to archery, it is a responsive tool to improve your skill. However, for those of you more experienced, the crossbow reveals how powerful it is as a weapon. The crossbow reveals a combination of cable and string, both of which are made from synthetic material, and the molded grip of the lightweight crossbow stock to achieve an outcome that is widely out of proportion with its overall weight of just 5.7lbs.

The Barnett 18028 RC-150 is 33.5 inches long and is 25.5 inches wide while its string length is 35 inches long. Whether you are a novice archer or one with plenty of experience you need to be safety-conscious as the velocity this crossbow is capable of, could easily put you in danger. One of the features that engages as soon as the crossbow is cocked is the automatic safety device. When you are ready to fire, you need to release this feature.

Other features included in the design of the crossbow is the adjustable rear stock and an extended trigger mechanism. It has a quad-limb design which, with it being scope-ready and taking into account all its other features, results in a velocity of 260 feet per second, a 150lb draw weight, power stroke of 9.5 inches and 75 foot: pound ratio of energy, revealing just how efficient and effective this particular crossbow really is when in the right hands.

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The manufacturer of the crossbow is a company called Barnett whose confidence in their different models of crossbows is reflected in them offering a one-year warranty which covers any defects in workmanship or in defects that might occur from the materials used by the manufacturer during the production process. The warranty does exclude misuse by the user, from the Barnett 18028 RC-150 Crossbow dry-firing, and from everyday wear and tear on the strings and the cables.

As a result of the quality, innovation, and efficiency of the crossbows manufactured by Barnett more than 1 million of their crossbows have been sold to date. As a result of continuing adaptations and those innovations, Barnett crossbows have become renowned as being particularly efficient in terms of velocity, capable of firing with considerable power and speed.