Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow Review

Last Updated on July 14, 2021 by Bruce

We review the Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow. There are many features you will love! Archers like the generously sized forearm grip; they are also partial to the Monte Carlo-style cheekpiece. For those of you not in the know, a Monte Carlo-style cheek piece aligns your eye to raise the point of impact. It is often attached to the stocks of rifles and on guns used for trapping as well as on the better crossbows and is greatly approved of by archers who use crossbows for hunting prey. When you buy the Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow you also get a stock scope that comes with it, quite an effective addition that many archers are quite comfortable using indefinitely.
If you are seeking a crossbow that has been designed slightly different to the normal crossbow creations then finding a Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow is certainly going to be a true eye-opener. It is described as being a ‘reverse draw design’ which, although different, is acknowledged by those who have used it as feeling particularly well-balanced when you are holding it and spectacularly quiet when firing it. This crossbow weighs 8.3lbs and measures 97/8 inches in length.

Owners of the crossbow have described it in various ways, the overwhelming consensus seems to be its quiet efficiency, its reliability, and its compact design which is particularly useful when being used in wooded areas for hunting. Archers using the crossbow in such situations explain how they can use this crossbow effectively within thick woods or in tight little places. A major attraction, however, is the Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow’s phenomenal balance. When you purchase the new Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow, you will also get a cocking sled, a quiver, as well as 3 arrows, each one of which is fitted with practice points.

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The most fascinating feature of the Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow is its reverse draw concept. As a direct result, weight is centered specifically over the forearm grip, enabling you to fire more easily from a steadier platform. Furthermore, the Monte Carlo cheekpiece, apart from enhancing the comfort of the crossbow stock, enables you to line your eyes up with the reticle scope with far less stress to your eyes. The package, when you purchase your new Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow, contains4 x 32 lighted reticle scopes.

You will probably have figured out by now that the Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow is an excellent addition to your arsenal of crossbows, is an effective and efficient weapon that is well-balanced and lightweight, firing with sufficient velocity to bring down big game when hunting. A quality product such as this is unlikely to come cheap, and this model is no exception. It can be bought online from Amazon, saving you a huge $170.00 on the manufacturer’s retail price of $849.99. Clearly, buying online will give you an excellent saving, especially if you are eligible for free delivery with Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping option.