How To Use Pole Spear | Pole Spear Tips and Tricks

Last Updated on February 17, 2022 by Bruce

Spearfishing is a popular sport which is both competitive as well as recreational. The experience of releasing the spearhead with a high-grade pole spear is worthwhile as it teaches discipline and patience. In this article, we examine how to use a pole spear and break it into helpful sections to provide you a simple understanding of the information. Although there is little to know about the equipment themselves the skill that you need to master is vast. It’s NOT just a man and a spear with the underwater elements. It’s also a skill that teaches patience and discipline to be a good hunter.

1. The pole spear is a dangerous weapon and should be handled with care. If you are not experienced in the use of a spear gun, it’s best to go out on a guided fishing trip where they can teach you how to handle one safely

2. There are many different types of ways of using the pole spear but the most common ones include:

– Shooting from inside a boat or another platform, such as a dock if there is no boat available

– Shooting from inside an inner tube or from shore

3. When hunting from shore or from an inner tube, you need to position yourself at least 3 feet above the fish before shooting so that there is enough room for the shaft to pass through leaving your spearhead on the other end.

4.When you are hunting from a boat, your body position should be slightly downstream of your target, but higher than the fish is located so that your spear will hit them further down and also leave enough room for the shaft to pass through. The water pressure will help pull out the shaft once it passes through as well as bring you closer to land or where ever you want to hunt at.

5. When using an inner tube or anything else without much structure above it, place yourself below your target so that you can shoot up rather than across which would cause the pole spear to dive under water before hitting anything, effectively wasting its aim and power

6. Don’t point your weapon unless there is something close to point at because the spear can shoot up to 60 feet in any direction that you aren’t aiming. So if you are holding it directly out of the lake and turn around, your spear will go flying towards yourself. Make sure there is something behind where your arm is pointing or else don’t point it

7. Practice makes perfect! The more you practice with pole spears, the better you get. Before attempting this on a hunt though make sure you have done some practice first on fish like bluegill since they do not fight back as much as bigger game fish

8. If using an inner tube for hunting, make sure that anyone carrying the equipment which includes real weapons (bow & arrow or compound bow) knows how to use them properly and is responsible enough to use them correctly. This way you don’t have any accidents or injuries

9. Make sure you also practice with your spear on targets near the waterline so that you get a good idea of how it flies, where it lands, and how far away from yourself or others it can fly

10. Always pack up all your equipment properly when not in use so that nothing gets broken or damaged by accident

11.If using an inner tube for hunting, always tie the inner tube to something securely like another boat if there are more than one in the group along with anything else carrying anything related to fishing gear

12. The number one rule for using an inner tube for hunting is that no one should be standing on it.

13. If you plan to use a boat for hunting, always have a backup plan if something happens or doesn’t happen as planned so that you don’t have any problems along the way

14.When using a boat for hunting, make sure you have plenty of room on your platform to operate from safely without being too far from everything else going on around the area where you will be fishing at or hunting at

15. Before using a boat as an equipment platform, tie strong anchor lines where your platform is located and attach those line to the bow and stern of the boat securely since this will keep it from drifting away while you are busy with fishing or hunting

16. Make sure your equipment does not interfere with other pieces of equipment or other people while you are hunting from a boat

17. If you plan to hunt from a boat, ensure that your platform is strong enough to support heavy items without sinking and make sure it can also support the weight of yourself and anyone else going on the trip

18. When using a boat for fishing or hunting, make sure there is a back-up paddle if possible since an outboard motor does not always start up correctly every time

19.When using a pole spear from anywhere including boats, make sure you have an emergency flotation device in case something goes wrong and you end up losing all your gear into the water which includes any type of flotation device such as life jackets or even capsized inner tubes

20. If using an inner tube, always secure anything holding your gear since they can easily slip out and fall into the water if not properly secured which would result in losing it

21.Never use a pole spear to catch or retrieve something that is too big or too heavy for one person unless you have help from somebody else because you could lose control of your weapon when trying to bring it in with all that weight attached to it

22.It’s always best to carry spare safety equipment like flotation devices in case there are more than two people hunting together plus someone has lost their primary flotation device

23.Safety should always come first when using any kind of fishing or hunting equipment including poles spears so make sure someone knows where you are at all times

24.When using a boat for hunting, make sure you have a flotation device just in case something happens to the craft which includes an emergency line and a throwable buoy if possible

25.Always use the longest pole spear shaft that works best for you since extra length means extra range and power

26.Make sure your fishing pole spear is strong enough not to break under normal conditions since weaker poles must be replaced eventually

27.Never try to catch anything with a pole spear that has been reported as being too big or too heavy for anyone using equipment like homemade spears

28.Before starting any kind of hunting or fishing trip, always take time out to inspect all your equipment for damage so nothing goes wrong while on the water

29.When using a boat for fishing or hunting, always keep any extra equipment that is not being used out of the way so nothing gets in the way while trying to move around

30.It’s best to only use one pole spear when chasing bigger game since two can make it harder to pull them in if they are thrashing around too much

31.When using an inner tube, try not to stand up on it while still attached since falling off could cause you to lose your flotation device which would be needed for backup

32.If someone has lost their flotation device and another person or two have already gotten into the water with theirs then go ahead and join them instead of taking yours off because you are last

33.Make sure the hook end of your fishing pole spear is attached to something solid so it doesn’t fall out if the line breaks

34.Always replace any damaged equipment as soon as possible since hunting or fishing can be dangerous without proper gear

35.If you have a homemade pole spear, consider adding some rope to it for safety purposes just in case you have to pull someone on board your boat

36.When using a boat for hunting or fishing, always place heavy items near the center of the craft where they won’t interfere with anything else or anyone else on board

37.Line length and strength is an important factor when building homemade spears since you need line that’s long enough to throw far away from you

38.Make sure all hook ends of pole spears are securely fastened to their shafts to prevent any sort of accidents from happening

39.Make sure your fishing pole spear is long enough to do some real damage at a reasonable distance since shorter poles might not be able to reach the target

40. If going hunting on a boat, always make sure everyone has a flotation device nearby in case you get separated 41.Keep extra line on the end of your pole spear if possible for backup purposes

42.Never go out into deep water without some kind of floatation device just in case something goes wrong

43. It’s best to leave the dangerous big game alone if you can’t bring it in by yourself

44.Always attach more than one hook end to the shaft if possible so you have more chances for an attack

45.When using homemade spears, keep the extra line out of the way but still where you can reach it easily if needed

46.If using a pole spear with more than one hook end, try to stagger them so they don’t get tangled up

47. Always replace old equipment that’s showing any kind of damage or sign of wear and tear since hunting or fishing can be dangerous without proper gear

48.When building your own pole spear, always use hardware store products whenever possible for best results

49. Never think about trying to catch anything too big unless you have someone else who will help bring it in

50.Make sure everyone is trained properly before going on an actual hunting or fishing trip since there are plenty of dangers involved

51. While using a boat for hunting, place all equipment in front of you where it will be the most user like the pole spear

52.Never stand up on an inner tube while being towed on a boat since falling off could cause you to lose the flotation device which would mean trouble for everyone

53.Before going fishing or hunting on a boat, make sure everyone is aware of your equipment so they don’t get damaged by accident

54.Make sure nobody goes out onto deep water with just their own flotation devices for safety purposes \55.It’s best to have one person bringing in prey if possible while the other person follows behind in case they get tired

56.Always replace old appliances that are showing signs of wear and tear

57.If not stated otherwise, always use only one hook end on your pole spear to make it easier on yourself

58.It’s best to use more than one fishing pole spear when hunting especially if the target is big enough since that will increase your chances of making a successful attack

59.When using homemade equipment, always get rid of any extra line you don’t need

60.If possible, try not to go out into deep water without some kind of floatation device for safety purposes

61.Make sure you have someone else helping bring in large prey so you don’t get exhausted

62.A ttach the hook ends of your fishing pole spears securely onto their shafts so they can’t fall off

63. Keep in mind that nobody should be standing up on an inner tube while being towed behind a boat.