Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package Specs and Review

Last Updated on February 11, 2022 by Bruce

Barnett manufactures a number of different crossbow models. One of their lightest models on the market, is the Barnett Jackal Crossbow. This crossbow weighs just 7.7lbs. Nevertheless, this lack of weight doesn’t detract from the crossbow’s capacity for efficiency. The manufacturer’s recommended retail cost is $299.00. However, if you purchase it from Amazon, you can expect to pay around $250. This includes a full package that includes the crossbow, a premium red dot sight, quiver and a set of 3 arrows, each one 20 inches in length.

It is as reliable and effective as the other crossbows made by the Barnett company. In fact, it is capable of firing at a velocity of 320 feet per second, normally known as Fps. This velocity is achieved through an integral ADF cam that enhances precision and increases the possibility for this lightweight crossbow to attain this kinetic power. Another advantage the crossbow offers its user is greatly reduced noise. In fact, between 10% to 30% noise is reduced due to another integral mechanism that has been incorporated into the crossbow’s limbs.

This technology is known as AVI or anti-vibration technology. AVI not only reduces noise, but it also allows users to enjoy a smoother effect, enhancing the targeting possibilities. It is not just anti-vibration technology or ADF cam that are new innovations incorporated into the Barnett Jackal Crossbow design. Barnett has also included an MIM trigger. This enables users to reduce the resistance of the trigger pull by up to 3.5lbs.

In fact, it is these newly included innovations that make the ultra-lightweight Barnett Jackal a feasible and acceptable option for serious archers. MIM technology reduces strain on the archers’ fingers by reducing the amount of exertion needed when pulling the trigger. Naturally, this reduces the amount of strain on ligaments and muscles within the archers’ hands, especially considering the fact that the crossbow has been designed with 4 limbs. This quad limb design enhances crossbows accuracy.

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It also increases the stability of those crossbows manufactured with the quad limb design. The greatest advantage associated with enhanced accuracy and stability is that novice archers find it much easier to use lightweight crossbows. Generally, lightweight crossbows tend to be more difficult for the less experienced archer to use effectively. However, with quad limb models such as this crossbow, this deficiency is a thing of the past. The cost does need to be taken into account if you are a new archer as the crossbow is not a cheap option to purchase.

If you are newly introduced to the sport of archery you need to be aware that the Barnett Jackal Crossbow is a weapon that is capable of felling a fully-grown deer – this crossbow is not a toy and should always be treated with respect and used with care. That said, however, it is a very attractive and aesthetic model with a synthetic string system and high energy wheels with a series of cables, all attached to a modern stock. The crossbow is a well-made crossbow, manufactured in the USA, with a full 5-year warranty to reflect the quality of the Barnett crossbow.