Paintball at Night

Last Updated on March 1, 2021 by Bruce

You haven’t experienced a real paintball challenge until you’ve tried paintball at night. With limited night vision and advanced scenarios, players can experience some of the toughest challenges available from historical battles of WWII or even raids patterned after SPEC OP missions. Imagine covering terrain using only ambient lighting or night vision goggles. This type of action is comparable to woods-ball where you battle out in a vast field- including bunkers, trenches, rivers and other natural barriers found in the terrain. This type of scenario play is becoming increasingly popular as teams look for new ways to hone their skills and improve teamwork.

Equipment for paintball at night

There’s a lot of new equipment that you might want to consider to give you an advantage in a nighttime paintball scenario. Besides the obvious night vision goggles, which can be found at relatively low prices, there’s also red dot sights. If you don’t want to shell out the big bucks for this kind of equipment, then you may want to consider adding a mounted light to your gun. Lights can make you an obvious target, so you might want to consider anything that will improve your stealth if you plan on using the dark to your advantage.

In the last few years, equipment for night play has become less expensive, although it is still outside the range of some player’s budgets. Night play brings a lot of new aspects to playing. You’ll not only need to consider how to see at night, but also how not to be seen. If you plan on trying out paintball at night, make sure that you scout out the area before hand if you have the opportunity. This will give you an immense advantage. Make sure that it is within the rules set out by the players. You may also want to invest in a sound dampener, and gear that that can reduce your overall sound.

Night shootouts are amazing and even if you don’t go with any of the night techs, it can still be a blast. Not relying on tech and only on your wits and instinct can really improve your overall skill. If some of the thrills of outdoor day shootouts have lost its edge, then night paintball can be a great alternative. Mixing up these two styles of play occasionally will keep you at your best in both personal and team play.

If you have never experienced night paintball before, you may want to try it out in a limited field with some of your friends before heading out to a much larger area. Also, if you don’t have a lot of skill at covering wooded terrain with low lighting, then you should practice before going out. This type of play adds an entirely new element of danger, so make sure you are ready.