North Face Cat’s Meow Sleeping Bag Review

Last Updated on December 10, 2021 by Bruce

The North Face products are renowned for their sleek contours and cutting-edge features, and their Cat’s Meow sleeping bag is no exception. So named because of its apparent status as the greatest sleeping bag of its temperature and activity class, the Cat’s Meow has garnered many praises from satisfied users. The latest iteration of this popular The North Face design is indeed a beauty to behold, and its manufacturers promise nothing less than premium, toasty warm comfort in frigid temperatures in the vicinity of 20°F. Loaded with features that are essential to its function, as well as nifty details that users are pleased to have, the Cat’s Meow appears to have earned its status as a multi-awarded sleeping bag that consistently ranks among the top bags preferred by consumers.

The Cat’s Meow is a mummy-style sleeping bag that retails for between US$159.00 to US$169.00. For this price, you get a compressible mountaineering bag that features overlapping shingle construction, tough multi-layer synthetic fabric, a soft silk inner lining, and an enveloping hood, all of which are primed to trap heat and keep the slumbering user cosy in winter, fall or spring conditions. The Cat’s Meow is widely appreciated by users for its consistent sturdiness and longevity. Older versions of this The North Face mainstay have survived the activities of their owners for at least five years, which provides a testament to the durability of the most recent model.

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To provide additional convenience to the user, the Cat’s Meow model boasts a snag-resistant zipper and a zipper pull that glows in the dark, so one doesn’t needlessly struggle with adjusting or closing the bag in the evening after a trek when light sources are limited, and the user just wants to focus on getting to sleep. The bag also comes with a pocket at chest level to place watches, jewellery or other important small items. Once the user resumes his outdoor adventure, the Cat’s Meow easily stows away in a carry case for maximum transportability.

Though the Cat’s Meow is a strong, comfortable bag that is relatively easy to take around, the opinions of its users are mixed as to whether or not it is actually suitable for its temperature rating. Critics of the Cat’s Meow’s resistance to the cold say that they are unable actually to sleep when out in the temperature conditions prescribed for the sleeping bag, and end up freezing unless they switch bags with their companions. Apparently, the bag’s design features, though theoretically optimized for warmth retention, may either be dependent on a person’s actual cold tolerance or simply do not work as well as they should. Also, some buyers have complained that the bag feels cramped, almost claustrophobic though this is perhaps more a trait of mummy bags in general than the Cat’s Meow in particular.

All in all, the Cat Meow is a satisfactory bag for its cost, although your mileage may vary when using it in frigid climes. Its combination of portability, features and comfort rank it among one of the best sleeping bags available.

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