Guide for Choosing the Best Hiking Tent

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Which hiking tent is the best these days?

So everything is set for your hiking trip? No! Still looking for a suitable backpack tent for your journey? Need some help? Don’t worry. We are here to help you out. A hiking tent is the most vital component of the hiking trip. There are lots of options available for you. So we have listed some of the best features which most people look for.

Most people prefer a lightweight tent. A good suggestion for you is to try out the Velo. It is not only a stylish tent but has all the other features which one longs for. For a single person or a maximum of two people, nothing is better than Velo. You will be fully secured in this hiking tent, so don’t take any tension regarding that. The only negative point in this tent is the shortage of space.

Now we will move to a bit larger size. In this category, the best option available to you is the Kelty Gunnison tent. It is somewhat a middle size of the hiking tent and four people can easily be accommodated in this tent. It is also a lightweight tent and completely safe to be taken for the hiking trip. In this tent, you will come across various storing pockets, which will be really helpful for you. So include this tent in your list if you are planning a hiking trip along with your friends.

If you want to know Amazon’s Choice for the large hiking tent, then you should check out the Alps Zephyr 2. This is a popular high-quality tent. There are two entrances to the tent, which in itself makes it unique. Though it is quite a large size, its weight is not too much. One can easily carry it on his / her back. There are still more features that you can read about this tent.

Hiking Tent: Advantages of Hiking Tents

Hiking as the word itself brings excitement and adventure. As you all know that a dose of nature is just what the doctor ordered after a week in the workplace: the chance to watch a flower bloom, or chase a snowflake, or watch the Northern Lights. And I know you know that hiking is a great activity for people of any age — so you can spend quality family time in a quality place. During the summer and even when it comes down to it, hiking and camping can be popular family or individual activity year-round. When making plans to camp or hike, you will want to think about how long you will be gone and what things you need to protect you from the elements. A hiking tent can be something that you will need if you are staying overnight. Hiking tent is basically not much different from the tents which most of the nomadic people ( of course in the past age) used. These hiking tents make your trip or adventurous trip really a comfortable one. There are many advantages to having a hiking tent instead of sleeping out in the open. You might not understand the significance of a hiking tent now, but they are surely very useful. The manufacturers keep the comfort of its customers in mind so that one might not find a single drawback of these hiking tents.
Now we will look at some of the advantages of a hiking tent. Let’s see what hiking tent actually provide us:

1. After hiking and being out in the sun or other weather elements, it is nice to have a place to retreat to and escape the weather elements.
2. Though a hiking tent might not protect you from all of the bugs and insects, it will help you not completely slumber with them. It gives you extra protection.
3. A hiking tent provides privacy. Whether you are with several people or by yourself, it is nice to have a place to go to change your clothes or rest for a bit.
4. If you are staying in one location, it is a nice place to store your belongings and have a place to protect your items.
5. If you are with a family with little children, it is nice to have a place to protect your children. It provides security for you and your children. It is nice to know that they can be safe and get a good nights rest.

This is just a quick synapse of hiking tent in the form of some of the notable benefits of it. There are various useful benefits waiting for you. So just use our hiking tent with faith and rest assured that your trip for camping or hiking is going to be a memorable one. As we have already stated the advantages of hiking tents above, it might ease you that what other things besides hiking tent you need to get for your trip.

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Uses of Lightweight Tents in Hiking

The word “hiking tent” immediately arises the feelings of adventure and excitement in one’s mind. One at once tries to imagine about various adventurous trips which he will attempt on tracking and climbing on the rocks. What exactly is a hiking tent? This is what most of you might be asking yourself. A hiking tent is a shelter consisting of sheets of fabric or other material draped over or attached to a frame of poles or attached to a supporting rope. While smaller tents may be free-standing or attached to the ground, large tents are usually anchored using guy ropes tied to stake and tent pages. First used as portable homes by nomadic peoples, hiking tents are now more often used for recreational camping and temporary shelters. Hiking tents range in size from “bivouac” structures just big enough for one person to sleep in up to huge tents capable of seating thousands of people. The bulk of this article is concerned with tents used for recreational camping which have sleeping space for one to ten people.

Tents for recreational camping fall into two categories:

Hiking Tent intended to be carried by backpackers are the smallest and lightest type. The smaller hiking tent may be sufficiently light that they can be carried for long distances on touring bicycles, a boat and even a person’s back. Some very specialized hiking lightweight tent have spring-loaded poles and can be ‘pitched’ in seconds, but take somewhat longer to strike.

The second type is larger, heavier hiking tents which are usually carried in a car or other vehicle. Depending on hiking tent size and the experience of the person or people involved, such hiking tent can usually be assembled (pitched) in between 5 and 25 minutes; disassembly (striking) takes a similar length of time. The military organizations of most nations use such hiking tent to temporarily house troops living and working under field conditions.

Uses of Hiking Tents

Now is the time to discuss some serious applications or use (whatever you may call it) of hiking tents. I am sure that most of you must be waiting for it only. Tents are used as habitation by nomads, recreational campers, and disaster victims. Tents are typically used as an overhead shelter for festivals, weddings, backyard parties, and major corporate events. They are also used for excavation (construction) covers, industrial shelters. Hiking Tents have traditionally been used by nomadic people all over the world, such as Native Americans, Mongolian and Tibetan Nomads, and the Bedouin. People all over the world have long used hiking tent as part of their working life. Hiking Tents are preferred by the military for their relatively quick setup and takedown times, compared to more traditional shelters. One of the world’s largest users of hiking tent is the US Department of Defense. Camping is a popular form of recreation which often involves the use of tents. A tent is economical and practical because of its portability and low environmental impact. These qualities are necessary when used in the wilderness or backcountry.

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Pros and Cons of a Hiking Tent

The word “hiking” is magical in itself. Its charm is so strong that by just hearing the word, you find yourself in the mid of mountains and hills and enjoying the natural beauty. So that’s why most people wish to go on a hiking trip rather than anything else. Most of us bring back quite awesome memories to share. But in that excitement, we all forget one thing that our trip could have been awful if we have not got a suitable backpacking tent. We have here listed some of the pros and cons of the hiking tent, which I think that you all should also know.

• Safety feature: Just imagine a situation in which you are on a hiking trip, and suddenly weather gets disturbed, and it started raining pretty heavily along with snow and hailstones, then what will you do? In this situation, the hiking tent will come into play. It will keep you safe from all the climatic hazards. In this way, your trip will be a successful one.
• Preservation of the environment: By this, we mean to say that when you will be on your hiking trip, and you do not have a hiking tent along with you, and then in order to make a settlement for yourself, you will damage the tree to fix the net. So, in this way, you will damage the environment. This is the main reason why ecological experts prefer to use hiking tents.
• Privacy: Along with the protection, hiking tent also provides you privacy feature. So, it allows you to keep various things (which you do not want to disclose to others) in the hiking tent and pack it when you are not there. It can be extremely beneficial for you.

• Weight: Some people find carrying hiking tents really uncomfortable. The reason behind it is the weight problem. The tent applies much thrust on your back, which makes you feel a little inconvenient. But this problem can be solved if you select a lightweight hiking tent for yourself.
• Inconveniency in sleeping: A lot of people find sleeping in the hiking tent difficult, due to the rough surface, still some people become unhappy the next morning.

How to Buy a Good Hiking Tent

Hiking has always been one of the most adventurous sports or activity (whatever you may call it) which has always attracted people towards itself. It is just not because of the excitement which one encounters there. Various hidden benefits of hiking also make it more prevalent these days. But the most common question which you might be having in your mind is what factors should be kept in mind while buying a hiking tent. We have here listed many good points for you all. They will surely make some good results to you if applied smartly. So have a good look at all of them:
• How much space you want in your tent? : You should be very clear how many people will accommodate in the hiking tent. So, in accordance with that, you should plan out that which hiking to choose. As such there are different categories of tents, so you just can’t go and ask for a hiking tent, you need to be absolutely clear about the requirements which you want in your hiking tent.
• Are you secured in the tent? : As we all know that security matters the most. Unless we are safe, we cannot enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the hiking trip. The security is not only from wild animals but also from the weather conditions. In climatic hazards, we include sudden rainfall, windy and stormy conditions, chilly conditions, sunny conditions and so on. You should get a good rest in your hiking tent. So keep this point in your mind, while selecting a hiking tent.
• What is the quality of your hiking tent? : Quality of the tent is another criterion which widely decides that you should choose the tent or not. By quality, we mean to say the fibrous material of the tent, its overall weight, the pole and other things. You need to be fully assured that all the things are durable, and you can take them along with you where ever you want. You just cannot afford to compromise on the quality of hiking tents. As you never know from where danger approaches you. Are you getting my point or not? So don’t take the quality of the hiking tent lightly.
Just do your research before buying your hiking tent and you will definitely get something great to enjoy.

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