How to Paint Your Paintball Mask: A Step-by-Step Guide

Last Updated on November 24, 2021 by Bruce

Painting your paintball mask is an excellent way to have your gear matching your personality or playing style. You will need paint on plastic, painter’s tape an x-acto blade and stencils. You probably have a few shades or pieces lying around your house but it is unlikely that it will make a good mask. You’ll have to invest in the right equipment to avoid having to paint your mask. There are available customized painted paintball masks available on Amazon.

Is it possible to paint a paintball mask?

You can use the mask and remove the lenses from your lens to place them in safe environments. Use green PET tape to cover parts of the Mask you’re not planning to paint. The mask provides protection to your face and eyes when paintballs enter your system and will get you in a good position on the field. A detailed guide for how to paint a paintball mask is here for you. It would be easier to clean it on my eye lenses for obvious reasons to not see your eyeball. Wear a safety band along with the use of a special mask.

Add a guide coat

A guide coat is thin coating of paint enabling us to determine where to begin to repair helmets if they present any shortcomings. Before applying the guidecoat make sure that the mask will smooth the surface. Douse lightly till the guide coating completely disappeared but you should not remove the primer. Be gently when it comes to the corners due to it being easy to sand down the paintball mask to the original color. Use grease remover as well as a microfiber cloth to blot the dust on the mask before it is placed. These corners are those where paint is thinnest.

Add Pattern on Mask

For an additional pattern for your paintball stencil, you will use acrylic paint or any other oil-based paint. The key is to avoid water based varnishes because they’ll get wet and wash away on surface as they get exposed and. It’ll be good if paint was applied with the hands so it doesn’t scratch the pattern. If the paper start to loosen off of the paper, lower it down with a thumb. If you don’t wish paint into other places on the mask you will cover these with masking tape. Please don’t cut far from the pattern otherwise your chosen pattern wont be accurate.

Leave the mask to dry and peel off the masking tape

You must let your paintball mask dry overnight. If the final product fails according to expectations then you may have to paint the same mask with a second color. The bad news is that each bad painting job will cause you to spend lots of hours doing the corrective work. Your first time will not be pretty. But with practice your skills will improve. Do not expect a perfect paint job at first. Never repeat this again without worried about putting out a mask. So repeating this can help your paintball to be more stable.

Covering areas of the paintball mask (optional)

Covering certain portions of the mask becomes necessary if you can’t remove it. If you wish to protect the exterior of the paint mask you simply take a few old newspapers, assemble them to form a ball and put them into it. Press paper onto top of paper with masking tape. The covering also provides useful if you do not want to cover areas stained with the paint. If you believe me when we warn you it does not have any fun when you remove what paint comes out of masks. The mask can not be removed much easier.

Get to the best part: Painting the Mask

Your mask must be covered 2 to 3 times. The more coats you paint the bigger your face will be. After masking leave to dry at room temperature and then apply new paint. Hint: A higher list coat is better than a thick heavy coat. The longer coat the better the mask. Take all debris off the helmet – and clean it immediately – before using aerosol spray cans and shake before using them. Use a standard spray gun and mix paint and oil. When using spray guns be sure to add as much of a blend as necessary.

Removing the paintball mask

Start to tear out any parts of the paintball mask that you can remove, for example, the lens the strap under your chin and the screws to prevent them getting apart. Keep this area away from all the surfaces you’ve painted. If you can’t completely remove the cover or other parts from the mask you should mask them before applying a fresh coat of paint. Use tape to cover areas you don’t want to paint. A video can also be taken of the mask to help you see how things get done if you finish the paint job.

Preparing the paintball mask

Cleaning the surface of the paintball mask by using the use of a simple household cleaner to remove the grease. If there are anything that you can stick in the mask, start peeling it apart with an ordinary brush. Use a heat gun for controlling heat at the sticker. You can find silicon wax dirt remover via amazon, read the options and the prices here. Once you get the grains off of the sandpaper use some grease removed to clean all excess grease out with a microfiber cloth.

Prepare your mask for painting.

Painting tape can be added in those areas that cannot be painted. Those might be goggles or padding of masks you wear. Use the new XActo blades to slice the band together to fit the mask shape. Once masks are removed you can begin applying tape around them. This tape will be applied to padded areas that can’t been painted on. The time will come to prep for the etching process and you paint surfaces such as walls and floor to discourage the paint from sticking.

Surface coating with Primer Undercoat

Add more paint to the surface using the primer then leave the mask to dry. Give it a day to cool down and get it right. If more newspaper had remained inside the paintball mask you could avoid spraying outward because the paint will be drained of its liquid. It is generally recommended to apply the primer twice. Take several hours to dry before putting on undercover. It’s not necessary for the internal surface of the house.

Follow These Paintball Mask Painting Safety Tips

Sanding and painting will pose danger to your health as potentially dangerous and life-threatening chemicals could invade your airways and lead to breathing problems. Take the steps below to remain secure. Whether for your own pleasure or business travel, you shouldn’t risk your health from exposure to harmful fumes.Paint your mask.

Then you have to apply the base paint for the entire mask. If you want a great coloring and reduced risk of chipping and fading you should apply two coats of paint on your mask. After you dry these (2+/+2) coats, determine how to place your stencil and mount them with painter’s tape onto your mask. Paint the stenciled area with different colors paint and move rapidly onto the next step.

Put your paintball mask together again

When the last layer of paint has dried it’s time to make another helmet. If you don’t have knowledge on which area it goes, just read the instruction manual. We recommended pictures or videos when your makeup was going to be painted. Here you can refer to your video or pictures to see how everything fits together.

How do I apply multiple colors to a mask?

The technique mentioned above must be repeated until you paint the entire mask the desired color. If you want to apply several shades to the same mask the above procedures have to be quite different especially if this is your first rodeo. Let me show you my different colours for this paintball mask.

How do I cover the vents on my paintball mask?

How should you paint vents on a paintball mask when you pass through them? Take numerous quick passes on separate edges to ensure an adequate vent hole coverage. You don’t want to focus on an area as you spray.

Pick a pattern

Look for patterns you could use for painting your face. It doesn’t always have to be camo it can just be a logo for a company.

What kind of paint do you use on a paintball mask?

  • Acrylic paint
  • Special paint designed for paintball masks
  • Regular paint that is used for paintball masks contains a lot of chemicals that are considered toxic or poisonous. Use acrylic paint instead, because the paint is non-toxic.

How do I paint camouflage on my paintball mask?

Use FindCamouflage to find your camo paint and paint your mask.

Good luck!