Why Should I Hike? Benefits and Metal Challenges

Last Updated on April 2, 2021 by Bruce

The Benefits of Hiking

The benefits of hiking?
Some people may enjoy certain aspects of hiking that others hate, and some people may not receive any benefits at all while others just can’t decide. So I still hear the question, what are the benefits? Well, I could go through a list with you, stating them as; socialising, exercising, and experience of the outdoors, satisfaction, bird watching, nature watching, community, sense of achievement or whatever, but that is boring and impersonal, and unlikely to get you motivated for taking up hiking.
I am passionate about hiking, and I want you to get into it too. Do you like chatting with your best mate, love it when your child is in deep sleep after a good day out on the beach? Like watching the sunset, or enjoy a nod or a quick chat with a stranger? Like to challenge yourself to heights you’ve not experienced before? Like animals, watching squirrels prepare for winter scurrying around for nuts, or newborn lambs? Do you want a new hobby, want something you count down the days in the office for?
If you answer yes to any one of those questions, then hiking is most certainly for you. There are many benefits to taking up hiking, many of them will be personal to you alone. I love hiking the most when I’m with a group of like-minded friends having fun, joking, challenging ourselves physically and mentally.
I enjoy it when I get slightly lost, it thankfully doesn’t happen often, but if you’re hiking with a reliable group and let people know you’re doing it, you will be safe, and anyway, with a map and compass and the ability to use them, you will hopefully avoid getting lost at all or have the skills to recover. I will discuss the map and compass later within this series, for now, I will stay on track to try and convince you to start.


If you’re worried about family commitments or dogs, or children, take them with you. The dog will love the day out in mud or streams embarrassing you as your favourite pet runs up and down the hill, you are struggling to climb four times more than you. Your child, even if you have to carry him, or her, they will enjoy the day out also, of course, you will have to decrease the difficulty of the walk and have more concern, but it is possible. Hiking can be a great family day out; it can also be a great friendship day out.
What if you want to start but can’t convince anyone else to join you? No worries, while I highly recommend finding a buddy to encourage you, a topic I’ll touch on in the next article, there are plenty of hikers who enjoy the solitude and the peace of mind, the chance to think.
There are also always plenty of groups to join. There really is no obstacle to hiking in regards to the above thoughts.
What about costs? Well, this is perhaps one of the biggest boundaries to you and hiking, I will cover in a future article of this series how to keep costs down, so stick and around and pick up my tips.

Mental Barriers?

Ok convinced? I hope so, I would love it if I can convince more people to take up hiking, it is truly a wonderful day out. Ok so you are convinced hiking is great and wonderful, you like the idea, you want to take it up, but naturally, you are anxious, you are nervous about starting, unsure where to begin?
There is no shame in that, everyone has these thoughts and feelings with something in their life, in fact, I am currently going through it now, with joining rugby.
Want to know how to overcome these thoughts and feelings? Keep following my blog and very soon the overcoming obstacles article will be ready and waiting to help you, help yourself.

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