The Call to Awareness

Last Updated on March 10, 2021 by Bruce

Imagine the world with no shops, with nowhere to buy even essential items, no power grid and most importantly no food provisions or water distribution…
This may seem far-fetched at times, but a very large and increasing amount of people on our planet live like that right now.
If we have clean water, local shops full of food and the money to buy it, then we are one of a minority of people in the world…
Our situation, however, can change very quickly, sometimes through choice, other times not. Wars, economic breakdown or natural disasters and climate disruption can, and, in fact, are, happening all around us and the reality of this possibility of one of these scenarios involving us first-hand has reached many of us.  Many people already have imagined this and realize the need to not only to try and stop this apparent escalation into turmoil but to be ready to ride the storm and keep ourselves, families and friends too if possible… safe.

Be Prepared

Without access to the material world that we have become so used to, bar any useful bits of equipment that you have acquired before this scenario, life very quickly comes down to essentials and essentially that is nature; so imagine now, just us and the rest of nature and be comforted, because with a little attention to this idea, some active efforts to reconnect to nature and some intelligent preparation and research by reading through the information shared on this website (and other places!), we will realize that nature is our friend. Couple this with acquiring a few very useful bits of kit to aid you in your survival, and we won’t just survive oncoming challenges we will have given ourself the chance to thrive throughout them. There is a danger in a play of destroying the natural in the pursuit of the unnatural. The modern diet & throw away lifestyle of the 21st century is an example of just this, yet when for some reason we have to do without it rarely do we miss it, rather it is like loosening the shackles…it’s energy boosting and living naturally makes us feel empowered and free. Nature can feed us, heal us and shelter us, clean water springs freely from the earth; you just need to know where to find it. We can live independently of everything except nature. We are nature.

Research and Learn

Search out other survival books, survival eBooks and guides, survival courses, schools & workshops on and off the internet. It is well worth getting into the habit of trying to recognize wild plants that are, edible, useful as the medicine and poisonous. Familiarize ourselves and practice first-aid response techniques. Become masters of orientation, camp craft and woodlore, self-sustainability, off-grid energy, permaculture, nutrition and free food cooking. Check out the Survival Info Blog for invaluable articles on all of these topics.

Practical experience

Practice our newly learned skills whenever we can to become familiar with the various techniques you can find from our research. It’s a great excuse to get outdoors and nurture and be nurtured by nature.