Survival Camping – Survival of the Fittest

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Want to live and test your bushcraft and survival camping skills? Then learn how to survive! Here are some tips on what you should do in a survival camp and tips for finding a survival training camp. First, let’s understand nature and consider what survival camping means and what are the benefits.

This world has revealed its astonishing beauty. It keeps no secret from the sweet scent of nature. Planet Earth remains bold and open for discovery. Humans have nothing to do except to savour the gold at the rainbow’s extremities. The oceans, seas, rivers, and streams are vast, but they are sailable. The sky is so high, but it is reachable. The mountains’ peaks peep into the sky’s window, but they are climbable. Everything on Mother Earth has depth. But everything has a bottom. Everything has a distance. But everything has a boundary or a limit. To that end, one or more may exist as a winner. Anyone can be a survivor. But the question is, can you stand out among the rest in the arena of the fittest? Can you be a survivor in what we call survival camping? Only when you arrive at the end can you find it out.

Primitive Survival Training & Camping Skills

First things first, before you lurk in the wilderness of nature, let me define first survival camping. Survival camping differs from the primitive exercise of camping. And what is that primitive exercise of camping? Most campers bring their food, tents, first aid kit, et cetera. In this way, survival camping differs for it forgets all your man-made gears as safety measures against the foes in the wilderness such as wild beasts. All you may bring is what will fill your empty pockets. Isn’t it exciting then guys? Not mentioning the worst of it is that you have to find your food, get your water, and produce lights out of the things and fossils you can get inside the mysterious wilderness of a forest. Yes, people! I am expecting you to ask the big question “WHY?” Why has no food? Alright, I will answer that. Forget those supermarkets in the city for what is ahead of you in the woods is a market for survival. Leaving the markets in the city is fine. For what welcomes you ahead is the mother of all markets. A fresh and green forest is ready to be tested by you. You may have all the required and necessary gears, but survival camping is not worth the name if you bring those types of equipment. In general, survival camping is life survival per se. It is survival by your own means and ways. It is survival by your own sticky sweat that burns the cold pressure of the cold ground and breezy atmosphere of Mother Nature. What does it take in survival camping? A little bit interesting question, ha! It’s all about staying alert and maintaining your mental edge even under compulsion and pressure. It’s about making your own style in order to survive. It is about making a tricky way to survive the tricks of the dark forest ahead. Survival camping is feeling good with the wounds made from the sharp weeds in the forest.

Survival life & benefits

Simply put, survival camping is about making something out of nothing. What is that? Can it be fun? Yes, it can be. But it is not always the case guys. You may get hungry, but the fruits of the trees will fill your lurking stomach. The only thing you can remember is when to go home early. But leading your way home as early as the chirp of mangrove birds will not get the most out of your sacrifice. Daylight grants only enough time to find all you need, to find along the woods the things that you’ve left in the market. But this time, it’s for FREE. Absolutely! Interesting? Try it and find it yourself.

On the other hand, not everybody can endure the benefits of survival camping. Some will go home as losers, and some are winners. All you have is a pack of guts and glory. Survival camping gives you the chance to experience the things that you missed and took for granted before. So what do you think? Can take the challenge? If your answer is yes, survival camping is really meant for you to try.

Preparing for a survival camping training trip

Now take this morsel advice and include in your pack of courage this demanding WARNING! Being unprepared is not the concept of survival camping. All it takes is some pack of preparedness in your pocket. If you are not prepared, do not continue your journey in the forest. Or you might just end up there with an empty stomach, full of wounds, and a body with the smell of sticky sweat. Anyway, it’s just yours so what is the deal, right? Staying until night in the midst of a forest might just bring your life at stake. You might just give yourself hypothermia. Hypothermia is the lack of sufficient body heat. Take note: some problems are not yet mentioned in this article. Just keep yourself ready to face the unknown.
There is no best time when to and not to take survival camping. There is no definite time when to conduct survival camping. But according to what I have read, some survival campers camp any time of the year but preferably fall and early winter. It is just because the supplies of fruits in the forest are at their peak time. There are plenty of edible fruits in those seasons. Well, during summer, survival camping is not a problem, especially that the weather is good for camping days.
Some of you will ask, “What is the advisable length of days to stay in the forest?” According to some researchers, some survival campers conduct a week-long camp, but if the weather permits, long-range camping will do.

There are various books available whether online or offline. These books just wait to be read by you – survival campers! Just get out of your doors and have any one of those books.

If you are looking for a survival training camp then check out this detailed post from Hi Consumption. Their training companies can provide you with great experience and support along the way. We all have good reasons why you are interested in becoming a survival camper; that is, to be called extra-ordinary, challengers, and avengers in your own way. Happy survival camping guys! May the fittest thrive!

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