Survival Life Camping: Dare or Chicken Out?

Last Updated on March 10, 2021 by Bruce

Survival is defined as a living or enduring longer than, or beyond the existence of another person or thing. It is a state of remaining alive after series of trials. It can be tested through many ways. One best way to test it is through camping. Camping has been a very thrilling activity of humans. It is commonly done in remote areas like forests or far-away islands. Due to this reason, many preparations are being done before setting off to go camping.

In line with this, there are two schools which can be in great consideration when camping topic is being talked about. The first school; is that of going to the forests armed with important things needed to have an enjoyable time. Many people who join in this yearlong activity, camp not for camping’s welfare but because other housing setups are unavailable.
The second school that I happen to be a student is the discipline of “Survival Camping”. This type of camping is for camping’s sake and can be done anywhere. It does not require scenes or anything for that matter except for a hidden forest.

The question is, What is “survival life camping”?

It is the process of eliminating all your gears but what you can have in your pockets or in a small pack, and move towards the woods. The most touch approach would mean taking no food, no water, no shelter, nor lights, etc… Why? Well, it is not that I don’t have all the gears and gizmos, in fact, my basement is replete with stoves, tents, sleeping paraphernalias, fishing poles and other related things. It’s all about staying keen and maintaining your mental acumen even under duress. It’s about a fresh outlook. It’s about wearing your scars like signs of triumphs.

Enjoyment? It is Not experienced always. Sometimes you starve. Sometimes you shake in coldness. Sometimes you head home early. (Rarely) But, there are moments when everything seems to happen uncontrollably, and you found yourself into the survival zone.Trusting yourself. Boldness. Faith. Self-introspection. If you are in survival camping, you do not have room for bad thoughts. Daylight provides only sufficient time to find all you need.
This type of nerve-wracking camping is surely not meant for everyone. I do feel however that getting the ropes of fundamental survival can be rewarding.

You will have an internal storage of knowledge that could enable you to survive in the most difficult situations. It will also give you a full appreciation for all the things in your life that you may have ignored and not given much focus.
Right now, the STRONG WARNING! Attempt not to try this from scratch knowing nothing. And do not see the cruelty of the backcountry with little emphasis. If you do not know, my advice is please do not go! It is true; you will learn, but this is not a hobby or sport to be taken less seriousness. Even one night you’re out in the cold when the temperature drops can get your life. The cold surface of the earth will lessen your body temperature which could lead to serious illness. (If your body loses heat faster than it can be replaced.) This is just one of many perils of camping in general.

The challenges of survival camping:

1. Making fire without any matches nor lighters.
2. Purified water and its source
3. Housing
4. Food (Reminder: If you intend to harvest riotous game, be certain to keep to all local game rules)
5.Lastly enjoyment.

Time of the year? I have gone survival camping in every month of the year, but it is good to do during springtime or fall. For the reason that the abundant food sources. It allows me the opportunity to rehearse traps and still affords a back-up meal should I come up empty. In summer shelter is insignificant as in cold season obviously.
Something about the cold that adds to the intensity.

Duration? I personally go for the weekend however if the land allows week-long trips could be strived.

There are numerous books written on forests survival and can be bought very cheaply. I personally own a whole bookcase. I would not testify a military-like survival reference as your only book on the topic. Although tiring they are often poorly illustrated and difficult to read due to little prints. Especially when attempting to determine edible plants. Select a great illustrated, good book that discusses the five fundamental areas I noted above. Slowly you will develop the tactics to get survival camping a try.
I really wish that based on this review I have at least enticed some of you to have this type of camping a great start. It is not for the weak-hearted, but as the saying goes, “NO GUTS NO GLORY” May the force be with you! And let me know what happens.
Ultimate Note: This is an effective way to bring teeners to search a new love for themselves. There is always a trying time but if performed under the heedful eye of a backcountry expert teens can surely fix a low-spirited self-esteem. No mirrors to tell them they are losers, nor television, nor phones, nor malls, nothing but Mother Nature.