Marmot Helium 15F Degree Down Sleeping Bag Review

Last Updated on July 14, 2021 by Bruce

One of the premium adventure items from the catalog of renowned outdoor product company Marmot, the Helium is cutting-edge sleeping bag designed with an emphasis on two crucial details: lightness and warmth. This 15 degrees F rated bag is optimized to keep its user toasty and comfortable in frigid conditions short of a mountainside in winter. Weighing a meagre 2 pounds, the Helium almost does feel lighter than air when you’re lugging it around effortlessly among your other provisions. Even better still, it compresses into a highly compact cube that will be as much of a space saver as it is a load off your back. Packed with luxurious 850-fill down to maximize insulation, the Helium also boasts a number of other impressive technical features, such as a Velcro-free face muff, a passive collar to further ward off cold winds, and a full zipper for easy entry and exit. One may think that such a light bag with a mummy design would practically suffocate the sleeper, but the Helium has a surprisingly spacious interior that rivals the roominess of bulkier, heavier bags.

Two Sizes Available: The bag comes in Regular and Long sizes. Regular fits individuals up to 6 feet. I’m 5’11” 170 lbs and the regular fits great with some room to spare in length. Long is good if are taller than 6 foot, you need the extra length and extra space that your body needs to keep warm.

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There are many sleeping bags on the market with temperature ratings that disappoint their buyers, but the Helium has generally proven itself worthy of its 15 degrees F rating, which some consumers even consider to be conservative. Some users report using the Helium even at 7 to 12 degrees and maintaining a satisfactory level of warmth, although this feat may also be attributed to the clothing that they were wearing at the time. In fact, there are a few users who have griped that the Helium can get too warm at times, and is definitely not the best choice for mild temperatures or everyday conditions. After all, nobody wants to sweat profusely while trying to get a good night’s sleep. Users also appreciate the Pertex Quantum nylon shell that envelops the Helium, giving it a light, but durable outer covering, that can handily protect against mild bouts of inclement weather. Of the Helium variants available from Marmot, your best bet would be the EQ model, which is outfitted for extra sturdiness.

Impressive as the Helium bag is, however, one is cautioned not to push the envelope too far with this sleeping bag, which does have its limitations. For expedition-level adventures or those where one expects hardcore rain or dampness, it is recommended that one take along a bag with a synthetic fill instead, given the well-known vulnerability of down bags to getting wet. Also, one should take into consideration the relative weakness of the Helium’s outer fabric, a necessary sacrifice made to keep the sleeping bag as light as it is. Some users have reported disappointing tears or holes that have opened up in their Helium bags due to the hazards of outdoor terrain. Lastly, expect to pay a significant price for all of the amazing features of the Helium, as the combination of a high-level down fill and excellent high-tech design make for a costly purchase. If the Helium suits your needs, however, you won’t regret spending for this worthwhile investment. You can buy it online here.

Click here to check prices of Marmot Helium Sleeping Bag at Amazon

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