What Are The Best Deer Hunting Clothing?

Last Updated on July 14, 2021 by Bruce

Clothing Designed For Deer Hunting

Today’s deer hunting clothing lines offer you incredible choices and value in hunting equipment. It is a commercial market for itself. The clothing designed for today’s deer hunter is durable, functional, and color specific. Terms such as “Blaze Orange, Blaze Camo, Woodland, Hardwoods Grey, Real Tree Camo®, Skyline, Ghillie-Suit, 3-D, Outfitter, open country, Conifer, just to name a few, are terms that serious deer hunter will recognize immediately. Manufacturer’s brand name items such as Advantage Timber®, Mossy Oak®, Seclusion 3D®, Scent-Lok®, Gore-Tex®, and others are part of a deer hunting camps normal language. Here is a hunting clothing tip that I cannot stress enough. Do not wear blue jeans while whitetail deer hunting. They will see you, and you will not look natural to them. It’s true that deer do not see colors as we do. But because of the makeup and ratios of the rods and cones in their eyes, blue comes across as a highly visible unnatural hue. They don’t see what we see, and we don’t see what they see. Don’t set yourself up to like a neon sign to that once in a lifetime trophy whitetail buck as he walks into your hunting area. Check the range here

Hunting Needs

Our whitetail hunting clothing needs to be warm, dry, quiet, light, and available in color patterns to match our trophy deer hunting area.
In the case of blaze orange (a somewhat colorblind deer sees this as a light grey color that matches much of a deer’s natural surroundings), as long as it doesn’t move, a deer isn’t bothered by the color we, as humans, see. Every year clothing for archery hunting evolves some more. If a trophy deer hunter is planning a guided deer hunt for one of their next hunting trips, their hunting clothing may be in need of updating for that specific hunt and hunting area. You will need to find out what the hunting land you’ll be on is like, and what the climate and weather patterns may be like for the time period you’ll be there deer hunting. What method of hunting a hunter chooses like hunting from a hunting blind, a portable stand, a ladder stand, or use of other hunting equipment should help to determine the clothing choice we make. Hunting clothing is a very important part of a deer hunters hunting gear and hunting supplies.

Hunting Clothing Care

We need to take care of our hunting clothes. Whitetails have keen senses; keep them clean and scent-free, use only sent free laundry detergents. Do not use laundry detergents that have fabric brighteners in them. Read detergent labels to see if ingredients have been added that brighten clothes. You may want to use products that absorb ultra-violet light, rather than reflect it; that’s what fabric brighteners do. Follow manufacturers labels for care and use them only for hunting.

Scent Control of Your Deer Hunting Clothes

After washing your deer hunting clothes using one of the many scents free detergents, you should ideally dry them outside unless they are carbon lined in which heat reactivates the carbon fibers that absorb odor. Once clean and dry, place your hunting clothes in a scent-free plastic garbage bag for short term storage. This will help keep your hunting clothes order free from household odors. There are also many scents eliminating sprays and wipes that can help control some of the odor in hunting clothes. In recent years, manufacturers have even produced odor eliminating devices that are supposed to clean and deodorize the “Ozone” in the air. They even have small portable hanging closets for your hunting clothes that are said to accomplish this. Some you can even take into the woods and on the stand with you.

Fashionable Hunting Gear

Wouldn’t you like to wear great looking styles of hunting clothing and accessories when you go out on the town at times? Of course, you would. Now you can get fantastic sportswear that subtlety says “I am a deer hunter, I’m an outdoors-man, and I know who I am!” Wouldn’t you like that rugged feeling you get when you get all your hunting gear on – on a daily basis. Well, you can. You can look sharp and feel confident with clothing and accessories from your favorite sports shop. I wear many items that were designed and made for deer hunting. I just happen to wear them as casual clothing because I like the look and feel of wearing them.