Deer Calls – A Great Gift For Hunters

Last Updated on July 25, 2022 by Bruce

But what do you get that one friend or family member who’s impossible to shop for?- A gift card or cash? Too tacky.  If your ideas haven’t panned out, deer calls are a good birthday or Christmas gift.

Top 3 Deer Call Recommendations:


This is a hot new all-in-one call from Flextone, one of the preeminent names in the game calls market. With a $24 price tag, it’s a little bit more expensive than some of the other deer calls out there, but with Flextone you know you’re paying for quality. With this call, you can produce grunts, growl grunts, estrus bleats, fawn wails, and even snort wheezes—this little tube has more range than a saxophone! The Buck Commander Brotherhood has many gifting possibilities – give the Brotherhood to a male friend to welcome him to your own masculine friendship brotherhood (great for easing the alpha tension with brothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, etc.). If you want a more visible sign of your bond, the Brotherhood comes equipped with a small hole perfect for stringing up as another charm on your friendship bracelet. This call also has a sick Monster Energy-style black and green color scheme, making it a great gift for teens. Your teenage son will be fighting off the girls at school once he starts grunting on his tube.


Handcrafted out of high-resonance plastic, the Primos Fightin’ Horns are designed to imitate the sound of a pair of bucks sparring and are very effective for attracting bucks during the rut phase. Want to know what else the Horns are effective for? Warming children’s hearts. Simply inform your small child that you shot one of Santa’s reindeer’s when he was delivering the presents—kids will love to play with Rudolph’s severed antlers!


Ok, you got me—this isn’t actually a deer call. But this deer urine is such a great Christmas gift that I just couldn’t leave it off the list! For those not in the know, estrus urine is urine produced by a doe while she is in estrus (AKA in heat). Bucks have a highly-developed sense of smell, and one whiff of estrus urine will bring them running to find the fertile doe. While estrus urine makes a great gift of natural cologne, it also makes a very meaningful gift for a significant other due to its strong romantic symbolism. When giving the Buck Bomb Igniter Doe in Estrus Urine to your loved one, I would encourage you to say something along the lines of this: “This 4 ounce bottle of Buck Bomb Igniter Doe in Estrus Urine symbolizes my undying love for you—just as the buck is irresistibly drawn to the smell of the estrus urine, so to am I irresistibly drawn to your incredible beauty and grace.”

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