Camp Chef Grill SPG-90B Big Gas 3 Sports Review

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If you are a great fan of camping, you must know how important is food at the camping site and what the Camp Chef grill can do for you. There will be very few campers who have not heard about the Camp Chef Grill sports model SPG-90B Big Gas grill. This grill perfectly suitable and praised by RV owners, sportsmen, anglers and not only meant for campers. Irrespective of where you are headed to camping, you can carry along this grill, because of its compact design and lightweight.

Hot Stuff

The Camp Chef Grill model PG-90B Big Gas 3 Sports is preferred by grilling enthusiasts because it is meant to cook the food in a short amount of time. The food gets cooked very fast as soon you light the gas with the powerful three 30,000 BTU burners. It will not take you more than 10 minutes to light up the grill and have your favorite hot dog, burger or sear steaks. If you check in the market today, you get a similar grill for cooking food fast, which will cost you about 3 to 4 times more than the price of this grill.

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Very Portable

Camp Chef Grill parts are designed so that the whole grill becomes lightweight and it is easy to carry along with where ever you travel. This weight just about six pounds and has a compact design to save space. So when you start off camping or travel, you can pack this item along with you in a few minutes of your time without any hassle. The importance of this camping gear becomes prominent if you are travelling through the forest from one camping site to another and need to carry along this gear with you.
It has levelling legs that are independent.
For storing food as well as utensils contains a single folding shelf.
30,000 Powerful Burners, 3 in number for fast heating.
For fast cooking heats up quickly.
Suitable for camping, fishing or even cooking at home.
The camp chef grill box has removable covers covering two of the burners.
Dimension of 18 Inches by 44.5 Inches by 14 Inches
Just 6 pounds in weight

Customer Reviews for the Camp Chef Grill SPG-90B Big Gas 3

When we did research on the net, we got quite a few reviews on this grill. Almost all reviews were with positive feedback. This grill has gained 4.6 stars out of 5.0 start rating, indicating a great customer satisfaction.
There is no doubt that when you go on a camping tour, you want all the accompanying campers to be happy along with you. So with Camp Chef Grill SPG-90B Big Gas 3, your trip will be much enjoyable irrespective of where you are heading to.

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