Best Hiking Shoes Review and Buying Guide

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Top 3 Rated Hiking Shoes Reviews

The following expert reviews of the three best hiking shoes introduced above will serve to illustrate just how good they are in offering you the best performance in all types of weather and trail conditions.

#1. Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Multisport Shoe review

Ranked as the outright No. 1 Best Seller on’s highly competitive Men’s Hiking shoes product category, Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Multisport Shoe is certain to meet and even all your expectations when you choose it as your preferred outdoor footwear. The shoe is also ranked as the #92 best selling product among all shoes sold from Amazon. It is worth noting that of the three shoes featured in this review, this is the only one to break into’s top 100 Best Selling shoes’ ranking.

Designed to offer maximum breathability out on the hiking or biking trail, the shoes offers an excellent balance between toughness, comfort and performance. Everything on this shoe, right from the sole to the lining and upper shoe bespeak quality. It provides the maximum value of breathability without compromising on the shoe’s excellent waterproof construction.


The imposing looks you get on first viewing this multisport shoe are due to the use of high quality materials right from the sole to the upper shoe and the interior as well. This guarantees a shoe that will perform well under the most treacherous conditions. The uppershoe in particular stands out owing to its Dura Leather construction. Contrary to some common misconception, Dura Leather is not a synthetic material. It is made from recycled natural leather broken down to its fiber form. The fibers are then interwoven to produce a material that is virtually indistinguishable from top grain leather, only more lightweight and flexible.

The shoe’s sole also represents the quality workmanship that has gone into making this shoe an irrepressibly high performer in outdoor sports. It is crafted from Vibram Multi-Sport rubber sole to preserve the shoe’s lightweight credentials, provide extra performance and increase durability as well. The rubber is strengthened with TC5+ Rubber compound in order to increase grip and longevity.


The most important indicators of performance in a hiking (or any outdoor shoe for that matter) has to be the grip, waterproofing and padding. With the shoe’s Vibram rubber sole strengthened with TC5+ Rubber compounds and grooved to offer as much grip on all sorts of terrains and surfaces, you are assured the shoe will hold station even when you have to move at a brisk pace. Excellent waterproof construction guarantees that you do not have to worry about weather turning out to inclement conditions without warning. For ultimate protection of your foot, the shoe comes with a bellow’s tongue, to give you all the assurance you need to push the limits of performance without worrying that you will end up developing blisters or other injuries.


You can count on the Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator to provide top performance even under the most rigorous conditions in the wet or dry. Part of this high performance profile owes to the shoe’s excellent mesh lining which guarantees the shoe is comfortable to wear, breathable yet remarkably waterproof. The moisture wicking lining technology is good enough to absorb all the sweat and still provide dry protection for the entire surface area of your feet. This is in a way enhanced by Merrell’s patented M-Select FRESH odor prevention technology.

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#2. Teva Women’s Sky Lake Waterproof Hiking Shoe review

The Teva brand was started by real outdoor and hiking enthusiasts well over three decades ago. Since then the company has grown to be one of the most respected designers and creators of shoes and apparel fit for the rugged outdoors. This waterproof women’s shoe has a pretty strong claim to being the best hiking shoe of them all from its lightweight but durable construction.

Whether you are about to traverse a hiking route that takes you across dense vegetation, treacherous gravel paths, rivers, canyons or sheer mountain cliffs, in Teva Sky Lake are the hiking shoes for women, you could choose to accompany you on the challenge. They have the looks for the task and the tough build needed to deliver flawless performance while at it.


The shoe has been exquisitely crafted together using the best manmade and natural materials to assure you of the best fit and long lasting shoe you have ever encased your feet in. Beginning with an upper shoe made of the best selection of leather and textile fibers, you could not wish for a better performance hiking shoe. The tough materials not only make this shoe perfect for outdoor sports but also for going out, casual occasions, travel and winter weather walking.

The combination of leather and high quality textile material for the upper shoe guarantees you a balanced shoe that has the versatility to take on a multiplicity of outdoor and casual activities. This capacity is enhanced by the use of the best materials based on years of research and experience working out of doors.


The performance credentials of the Teva Women’s Sky Lake Waterproof Hiking Shoe are well evident considering the multiple positive reviews posted on for instance. Verified buyers have come to depend on the shoe to provide protection against treacherous hiking trail conditions on top of keeping out the worst of inclement weather, bugs and gravel from getting in and hurting your feet.

When you go out on a difficult hiking trail, you need all the assurance you can get that the shoes on your feet will provide enough grip. With the use of Spider 365 rubber for the sole, Teva has created a shoe for all occasions. The hard-to-wear grooves last long and offer you the best traction on both smooth and rough surfaces.


By using an ingenious combination of natural and synthetic materials for the upper shoe, you are guaranteed a shoe that is both waterproof and irrepressibly breathable. You do not have to hesitate before wading in to shallow water and mud. If these are the challenges thrown across your trail you can depend on this shoe to clear them all off without as much as letting a drop through.

Chief among the various comfort features has to be the ShocPad technology used in the design of the shoe’s heel. The soft pad will guarantee you extract as much performance as you want from your shoe without inhibiting your ride. It is comparable of the guarantee you get from riding a bicycle with a padded seat.

The most important indicators of shoe’s comfort potential are the insole and interior lining. Teva has used a selection of high performance materials for this purpose. The Mush Infused insole is worth special mention in this instance for its incredible high performance and unrelenting softness even on lengthy hiking expeditions. This is definitely the best hiking shoe if you are used to taking on long and treacherous hiking or biking trails. Your summer outdoor adventures will never be the same when you add this shoe to your collection.

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#3. KEEN Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoe review

Whether you are looking for a boot or shoe to wear on your adventures out of doors, you can count on the versatility of Keen Men’s brands to come to the rescue. With this Targhee II, the company has managed to craft one of the indisputable product shoes money can buy. The rough and tough boot has all the essential ingredients of a shoe made for the great outdoors with plenty to spare. Once you add this shoe to your collection you will be raring to go on your next adventure.


This low profile hiking shoe looks as good as it performs on the hiking or biking trail. Chief to this irrepressible performance profile has to be the great natural materials used in construction of the shoe, from the sole to the interior and upper shoe. The Nubuck leather covers the largest surface area of the shoe to ensure high performance, durability and all weather protection of your feet. The interior of the shoe comprises soft padding material and waterproof lining; all strengthened for perennially high performance adventure experience.


You will never come to appreciate the high performance credentials of this shoe until the moment you take it out on a treacherous path. It will give you incredible waterproof protection owing to the KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane incorporated in the shoe’s lining.


To enhance this shoe’s excellent comfort ratings, the extra padding provided by the EVA midsole as well as the removable footbed has to be taken into consideration. They not only give you irrepressibly good comfort but also exceptional support when dealing with the roughest of trail conditions. The shoe also boasts a series of multi-directional slugs to improve traction on rough terrains.


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What Are The Things To Look Out For Before Buying?

When you set about buying a hiking shoe, there are some features which you cannot afford to bargain. Unlike street shoes or casual sandals for instance, hiking shoes will have to withstand plenty of stress along the way. Moreover, they must be supremely suited for all manner of conditions out on the hiking trails as well as the inevitable challenge of dealing with inclement weather conditions. When all is said and done though, these are the five most important factors to keep in mind when you are on the lookout for the best hiking shoes whether you shop from online stores or the more traditional brick and mortar store on the high street.

  1. Tough and Durable Exterior: If you know the least about the best hiking shoes then you will only need to take a look at a shoe’s exterior to tell if it is equal to the task. The upper shoe should be tough enough to take on the worst conditions without compromising on performance. Always look for genuine leather construction of the upper shoe. Synthetic leather, while often more lightweight and colorful than genuine leather is not good enough as it will rend and tear once you put inordinate stress on the shoe itself. The shoes combine the best with leather high quality textile materials for the best performance in all conditions.
  1. Lightweight: A good hiking shoe should be lightweight enough to take on the worst conditions on the trail with irrepressible ease. Lightweight construction guarantees you a shoe which will provide top grade performance without dragging you down in the least.
  1. Waterproofing: A good outdoors shoe should be built to offer the best performance in all conditions, whether in terms of the trail itself or the prevailing weather. A good hiking shoe should therefore come with a waterproofing strip to keep out the water from getting in when you need it not to.
  1. Breathability: Having just said that a hiking shoe should be waterproof, it would sound like a contradiction to imply that it should be breathable as well. If your hiking shoe includes, as it should, some fabric elements, these should allow all the moisture and air buildup in the interior escape.
  1. Comfort Padding: When taking on the trail out of doors, the risk of incurring nasty injuries is ever present. A good hiking shoe will therefore provide adequate protection against the likelihood of such injuries by offering the best padding for your feet. The heel and the front of the foot should be padded enough to allow you push the limits of performance without putting too much at risk as a result.
  1. High Grip Sole: Even is the hiking shoe has the best materials for the upper shoe and the interior, the sole can be the most vulnerable area for inflicting injuries. The best sole for a hiking shoe should ideally be made from high quality natural rubber. The rubber sole should be grooved in a manner to offer you the best grip even when traversing the most treacherous paths outdoors.

Where to Buy the Best Hiking Shoes?

If you are looking to buy the hiking shoes, it is important to get the best assurance that the product which ships to your doorstep meets all the features and guarantees made in the advertisement. With its excellent customer protection program in place, is without a doubt the most trustworthy place to buy products online, not just hiking shoes.

The best news is that the three shoes featured in this review are all available from at excellent prices.

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We are glad that you have stuck with us on this adventure of discovery. We have explored the excellent features of the best three hiking shoes available online. But since there seems to be so little to choose between the products featured above, you must be wondering which of them is suited to your needs. If you consider features, performance in all weather conditions, it is not all that hard to pick out the outright winner among the three.

In our best estimation, Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Multisport Shoe is the ultimate winner in this comprehensive guideline. If you look at the 6 point criteria we expounded on above as a guide on how to shop for the best hiking shoe, you will see that this multisport shoe performs excellently well across all of them.

Order your pair of Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Multisport Shoes today and get the feel of the best hiking shoes in the world at a highly discounted price.