How to Start Hiking – 5 Ways to Breakthrough the Mental Barrier

Last Updated on April 2, 2021 by Bruce

5 ways to breakthrough the mental barrier and start Hiking!

1. Buddy up!!

Ask a friend! Anything that you are nervous about suddenly becomes a whole lot easier when with a person you trust and enjoy spending your time with. There is also the benefit that you will have someone ringing you up to encourage you to the day; it is a lot easier to wake up and say no to a walk to yourself, than to saying it to someone else. Everyone wants to avoid the guilt of letting someone else down and you will take that first big step into hiking.
What if you are struggling to convince any of your friends to become budding hikers? No worries there are other options.

2. Join a group.

This is how I got into hiking and is one of the best ways as you’ll learn the correct techniques from people who know them, you will be a lot safer and your progression will be quicker, in theory. Not forgetting all the new friends you’ll make, this is a really great option. To find groups I advise simply looking at google, there will be plenty of options, and don’t forget to consider groups which don’t just focus on hiking; there will be more chance of finding a group but also, more options to broaden your horizons and change your life.
Happy with the first 2 suggestions? Worried about finance?

3. Keep costs down.

Hiking doesn’t have to be expensive, the beauty of hiking is its simplicity, and simplicity is not expensive. Of course, you get many hikers that spend a fortune on equipment and enjoy doing that; that’s fine if you have the money. What if you are like me on a restricted income? Then it is still possible. Over the coming weeks I will be writing equipment articles so keep tuned, however, quick hints, for now, expensive doesn’t always mean better, see my article on choosing hiking boots, shop around, use the internet carefully and you will find bargains, and perhaps most importantly, don’t go crazy on spending.
Slowly invest, start with essentials, boots, map and compass and waterproofs perhaps. This leads to my next point.

4. Take it easy.

Pretty simple really, slow down, take it easy, relax and build up. If you go with all guns blazing and try and climb a mountain on the back of no previous experience, you will likely fail and never go again. Be realistic, set an aim you can achieve and slowly improve.
Perhaps the most important point coming up;

5. Enjoy.

Have the right mental attitude, be optimistic, slow down, enjoy the experience, share it with friends or enjoy it alone, do whatever you like, at the pace you like. It is all about you if you enjoy pushing yourself physically, then great, but if you prefer to examine the wildlife and bask in the sun, then do that.
There you go, that is it for now, hope it has provided more of a practical approach to starting hiking and breaking through that mental barrier.

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