5 Tips For Safer Winter Hiking With Winter Hiking Gear List

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5 Tips For Safer Winter Hiking With Winter Hiking Gear List

If you enjoy the cold weather and love the snowy season, then you may find the winter, hikes as a great way of having fun and feeling the power of nature in the mountain.
But before you embark on such an experience, you need to know what types of risks, you take and how dangerous they can be in this your entertainment. In this article, you can find out helpful tips and suggestions that we think will enhance your winter hike. We will give you some advice, to make your vacation as pleasant and safe as possible is entirely in your hands. By following the steps, you can be sure that your break will be a safe and unforgettable memory.

Danger Of Avalanches while Winter Hiking

One of the horrible and striking dangers to human in the winter mountain is avalanches. They look so spectacular, even majestic and breathtaking, but do not let them dazzle you with their beauty. Here is only a small fiction of the lethal threats and danger that they can bring: Each year in accidents caused by avalanches die about 150 people worldwide! In a period of 5 seconds, the moving snow masses can move with 80 miles! The main cause of death of all people completely buried by an avalanche is asphyxiation as known as a severe lack of oxygen to the body. A snow-slide is often provoked when a person’s body weight makes enough stress to collapse the weak ice layer below. Your responsibility is to monitor the risk of avalanches and carries the right winter hiking gear.
Avalanches can strike even the most prepared hiker who is well equipped and ready for the worst. It is recommended to check the weather conditions and choose a destination wisely while preparing to go hiking. Someone back home must always be aware of your whereabouts.
It is a must for every snow hiker to carry winter hiking gear and extra food, plenty of water, emergency shelter, and avalanche beacon, headlamps (an extra one) with extra battery supply.


Another risk which is possible and you should be prepared for is frostbite. There are some tricks that help us avoid it. First, you need to be well dressed with suitable fabrics and in layers. All your extremities must be protected against potential frostbite. It is recommendatory to drink sports drinks, and that has been warmed up.
Wearing waterproof hiking shoes with polypropylene socks and liners to avoid the snow from getting to your feet is important, that is the main cause of frostbite, and the right winter hiking gear is a very necessary and can cause a lot of trouble if not checked before the trip. Carrying a first aid kit with all the necessary items and injuries like frostbites or others that can occur on a snow hike is a must.

Winter Rays

We use to think that sunscreens are only needful in the summer and the sea. In fact, in the winter hiking vacations, you need to take care for the prevention of winter rays with creams and hats. Keeping yourself comfortable in the cold is something that will keep you going, if the right winter hiking gear is not carried, you will probably have to give up and turn right back and head downwards. Winter rays only get harsher as you get higher, sunscreen to protect the skin, the right sunglasses to protect the eyes and a lip balm to keep the lips moisturised is a complete necessity.

Stable Hiking Boots

The quality of your hike, in general, depends on you, and you depend on the abilities of your two legs. Then you need to choose the correct pair of hike boots which can get you anywhere, and they can warm you in the cold winter days.

Snow Blindness

When you are on a winter hike, you have to consider your eye protection, because you are in a risk of many dangerous things, one of them is the snow blindness. For the best results, you need to select sunglasses which can effectively protect you. The symptoms are tearing and even bloodshot eyes. You may feel something like sand in your eye. If you experience any of these symptoms, first you have to get indoors and take a rest in a dark room. And do not touch and wipe your eyes. The best decision is to make a cool compress to stop the pain. Snow blindness can be really painful, the snow goggles or glacier goggles have been designed especially to provide hikers better visibility and sun protection while on a hike, these goggles are something that must be there on every winter hiking gear checklist. Else it is not possible to go too far.

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