10 Camping Tips to Help You Survive Everywhere

Last Updated on December 10, 2021 by Bruce

Camping sounds like a whole lot of fun, doesn’t it? When you were kids, summer camps were great sources of joy as it meant meeting new friends, enjoying the outdoors and basically, just having the time of your lives! Right now, you still camp just for kicks, whenever you have ample time on our hands.
Every time you camp, do you think of camping survival? Do you take it into serious consideration when you go out in the woods? If you don’t, then it’s time to do a double-check and take camping survival to heart.
Camping survival means making the most out of the resources at hand to hurdle all the obstacles that might get in the way of successful camping. Camping is never hassle-free, so it is a must to know camping survival. It is imperative that one must not even venture into camping without knowing about it! Do not spoil the fun so read up and know what it takes to survive camping.

10 Pathfinder Camping Tips to Survive

1. Have your sleeping gear ready.
Of course, you’re not expected to be up at all times during camping. Camping survival includes all the necessary sleeping gear like the following: big and reliable tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags, comfy mattresses and pillows. Have some emergency and fire blankets ready. Be sure that you also have the inflator and deflator with you. Mosquito nets are important to keep those buggies away, so are hammocks for more enjoyable resting time!

2. Camping survival equipment? Check!
What are these equipment that you must lug during camping?
a. Hacksaws
b. Fingersaws
c. Power Inverters or Wave Inverters
d. Generators
e. Portable Compressors
f. Knives
g. Machetes
h. Axes

3. Bag it Up
Camping survival means sporting the right bags. You don’t use cute, frilly bags when camping. You use duffle bags, heavy-duty backpacks, storage cases that are waterproof, compass pouches, hydration packs and cargo bags. Of course, there are coolers and can holders to hold up all the beverages.

4. Trust compass.
Now, what if you get lost in the woods? Good thing, there is such a thing as compass to show you the right way! There are different types of compass for you to choose from, but be sure how to use it first! You must even have walking and hiking sticks for better navigation. You must be a pathfinder and get back on track as soon as you can.

5. Be illuminated enough.
412DA2FE2NLIt’s a given that there’s no electricity when you camp. To ensure camping survival, you must have rechargeable flashlights to keep your adventure alive. You have lanterns, laser pointers and traffic wands for added lighting.

6. Know what to wear.
Camping isn’t a party where you all dress to the nines. Nosiree. In camping, just be sure you have these stuffed in your bag: jackets, coats, pants, tanktops, safety vests, overalls, and towels. Add some appropriate headwear too.

7. Be ready for emergency.
When we mean to be ready for emergency, this points out to your first aid kit. Yes, a medical kit is a must-have for camping survival. As much as possible, you must have a snake bite kit and insect bite kit ready. This includes a lot of ointments, pain relievers, and blister creams. If you can even prepare a surgical kit, why not?

8. Eat right.
Camping survival does not denote that you resort to eating tree leaves. Make sure that you have a rich stock of good food to last you while camping. Must-haves: power bars, meat sticks and don’t forget the smores!

9. Drink clean water.
Camping survival, again, does not denote that you just gulp whatever is available. No matter what happens, never drink contaminated water! Unless there’s spring where water is crystal clear, steer clear of bodies of water to hydrate yourself. Use water filters. They are mandatory.

10. Keep in touch.
There’s no excuse to get lost if you have the following: signal mirrors, two-way radios, and whistles. Camping survival means communicating with your fellow campers effectively to avoid any mishaps.
As long as you are prepared to venture into camping, surviving will be a cinch. It is just a matter of knowing what to bring and not what to bring, and being capable enough to do at times when emergency arises.